We help you buy your house in Ibiza

I am Luca Luise, a seasoned real estate professional with more than 15 years of experience. My passion for this sector has led me to become increasingly involved in its dynamics and continuous growth.

During this time, I have developed a deep interest in thoroughly analysing each real estate property, identifying both its strengths and its areas of opportunity. This approach allows me to understand their true target value and determine what type of client profile would best benefit from the unique characteristics of each property.

As a member of the Property Buyers by SOMRIE team, the leading buyer’s agent company in Spain, I am privileged to offer a service backed by a team of highly qualified professionals. Our client-focused approach and extensive experience enables us to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction and peace of mind in every property transaction.

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Our mission is to guide the buyer to the perfect purchase, at the most competitive price, reducing the time spent and eliminating any worries.



Ibiza’s dynamic property market is constantly evolving, which can be overwhelming. Our aim is to be a reliable guide in the midst of this constant change, protecting our clients’ interests and helping them find the ideal property for their dreams or investments.


We are Buyers’ Agents in Ibiza, skilled property hunters and dedicated to providing clients with all the support they need for their investment, ensuring transparency and peace of mind along the way.

Being an island with a large tourist influx, we not only find buyers eager to find the house of your dreams, where to move or start your family, but we also find investors who, enchanted by the natural beauty, want an ideal place to come and spend alternate vacation periods, and even those who see our beaches as an excellent investment to monetize their capital.

Here we can give an answer to all this;

  • we know the territory
  • we master the concept of real estate value
  • We know how much a property can be worth or appreciate over time
  • We help find the ideal client to obtain high returns
  • we place tourist housing on the market quickly and guarantee a return on investment in a short period of time

All this is Property Buyers Ibiza


EXPERIENCE: We know the real estate market in Ibiza inside out, we sense the cyclical periods of increase and decrease in demand, and we are capable of advising on which areas are the most suitable for the type of investment idealized, whether for residential or investment purposes.

INSTRUMENTS: We have the most advanced research, valuation and credit study tools, to be quick and decisive in decision making

SUPPORT: We accompany and advise throughout the process of buying your property

FLEXIBILITY: We adapt 100% to the needs of the client

DEDICATION: We only represent the buying party, negotiating for their interests with all the parties involved in the search and purchase